Types of Wrenches & How They Work

A wrench aka spanner tool is a very useful tool for tightening and loosening bolts, nuts, screws as well as other mechanical caps. It is one of the most important and necessary tools you require every day. It is usually made of steel alloy that has been chrome coated.


There are many types of wrenches available, each with a specific function. It comes in male or female forms. Female wrenches have a socket for a better grip, while male wrenches have an insert that looks like the top of a screwdriver. These both serve the same function.

Furthermore, wrenches are classified into three types: socket, key, and spanner.

Socket: A socket wrench should be in every toolbox. It can be put into a socket either vertically or horizontally to turn the bolt.

Key: A key wrench is the best choice if you only need a few wrenches to fix your bicycle. A key wrench has a T-shaped socket and is tiny to medium in size.

Spanner: A spanner is an adjustable wrench type. Hence, users can handle a range of nuts and bolts with it. There are also two primary categories of wrenches: common and specialised.

In this article, we will gonna cover different types of wrenches names in detail below so you may learn how and when to use each wrench type. To find the best wrench for your task keep reading on.

Common Type of Wrenches

These kinds of wrenches have been used in many families for many years. Torque and friction are the basic operating principles of each of these wrenches. Every homeowner should have each of these wrenches in their garage or garage alternatives so whenever it requires, they are always readily available.

Open-end Wrenches

It is the most basic kind of wrench. It has two ends with differing widths to accommodate the opposing faces of nuts and bolts. Both ends include a hollow or opening in the shape of a U, which makes it easier to hold onto objects while using the wrench from the other side.


They can readily fit the target both perpendicularly and horizontally since they are angle orientated. This tool may frequently be required to tighten or loosen a bolt.


  • Easy to use
  • Flat nature
  • Light-weight
  • Metric and standard sizes
  • Work with difficult-to-reach bolts with models that have a joint or flex head


  • Making a nut’s edges round
  • Less stable

Box-end Wrenches

The box end wrench provides more control over the torque process than its central portion with an open end. As a result, you can firmly position one end of the wrench over the nut.


Additionally, it stops the nut from coming off. It comes in several diameters and is either utilised with hexagonal or square-shaped nuts and bolts. These kinds of wrenches are usually sold in sets.


  • It works without rounding the edges of the nuts
  • Open ended and adjustable


  • One drawback of the box-end wrench is the extra time required every time a craftsman has lifted the wrench off and repositioned it on the nut.

Adjustable Wrench

The adjustable wrench is among the most widely used types of wrenches in households. It is also known as “crescent wrench”.


It features a single open end with a crescent-shaped jaw that opens or closes with the turn of a spiral screw in the head. As it is adjustable and takes up less room, the wrench can take the place of a collection of open-end wrenches.


  • To fit a bolt, you won’t need to find a different wrench because you can just quickly adjust it
  • Works with both standard and metric fasteners
  • Extremely handy
  • Eliminate the need for multiple sized tools


Less stable or slippery due to its versatile nature
It requires more space due to its big dimension
It can easily injure you or damage the fastener

Combination Wrench

Open-ended and box-ended tools are combined to create combination wrenches. In this wrench one end has a u-shaped open end and the other has a closed loop for hexagonal nuts.


These kind of wrenches are typically used for tough nuts to get the job done quickly. Sockets are one type of combination wrench that is generally sold in a range of wrench sizes.


  • Better access to the nuts and bolts
  • Swiftly separate nuts and bolts


  • Less stable

Speciality wrench

Specialised wrenches were manufactured to accomplish particular projects. They are mainly employed in a limited range of sectors. In addition to being used industrially, they occasionally feature in films or documentaries. Even though specialised wrenches are less common, you will need them when normal wrenches are unsuitable for your requirements.

They are designed to be used with things that have a modest amount of pressure, such as bolts, circles, and irregular shapes.

Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are utilised for the purpose of precisely controlling and applying torque to nuts or bolts. It functions as the main tool in the car, mechanic, wheel-replacing, and mechanical support sectors. Every vehicle has a unique torque mechanism that must be obeyed since excessive torque can damage the threads of nuts and bolts.


Torque wrenches come in both manual and digital formats and are mostly employed by the automotive industry to tighten the lug nuts on the wheels. They are best suited for heavy-duty vehicle maintenance. Moreover, you can employ torque for industrial projects like repairing water mains. Torque wrench can also be used to fix bicycles and other equipment used in agricultural pursuits.

What’s more, torque wrenches market size was estimated at USD 268 Million in 2022. Also, it is anticipated to reach USD 484.3 Million by 2030, increasing at a CAGR of 7.1% from 2023 to 2030.

Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is that type of wrench tool which is used specifically for plumbing and heating projects. It’s made to dig in and leave its own teeth marks in the pipe before releasing.


This is the device required to run gas piping to a gas grill or remove a radiator. However, it’s not the finest option for decorative plumbing because the teeth will ruin your finish.

Allen Wrench

These types of wrenches have hexagonal sockets with unequal arms. Their head secures to the appropriate fittings and turns screws. It is also known as a hex key or an Allen key due to the way it is made. They are normally provided in packages that include every size and head shape you would require.


Allen wrenches are employed in the assembling of a wide range of household furniture and electronics. It’s also used to repair bicycles as it features bolts with six edges. Moreover, It is a simple L-shaped rod that can be kept anyplace.

Tips for Using a Wrench

It’s crucial to utilise the tool correctly as it will lessen the possibility of hurting yourself or damage a part. Below are some tips which need to be kept in mind while using wrenches

  • Wear gloves and safety glasses.
  • Always kept in good shape.
  • After usage, clean and dry your wrenches before putting them back in the toolbox.
  • Replace tools that are cracked or damaged.
  • Select the correct wrench for your project task.
  • Initially, only exert light pressure when using a wrench. You can use more force as the fastener starts to budge.

Electric and Impact Wrench

Impact wrench comes in two different types of wrenches: air impact and cordless impact wrenches. Air impact wrenches operate with an air compressor, and cordless impact wrenches operate with batteries. Airguns and air wrenches are other names for impact wrenches.

An impact wrench uses a device to deliver torque fast and effectively. This wrenches are utilised when nuts or bolts are in extremely tight or loose positions.

Impact wrenches have numerous additional uses besides just tightening wheel parts, therefore they are frequently used in the automobile sector.

They are perfect for confined locations where less force can be exerted manually as they are powered by electricity and don’t require any physical effort on the part of the operator. The main drawback of an impact wrench is that improper use might result in damage. For instance, if you use an impact wrench after it has overheated, it may burn out the motor or result in other issues with the actual tool.

Wrench Care and Maintenance

A wrench tool storage system that is clean and well-maintained is essential because it can protect your wrenches from dirt, grime, chemicals, and other potential. It can improve the overall look and organisation of your workspace while also keeping all types of wrench tools in good condition and making them easier to find.

After each use make sure they are clean and free of oil and grease. It supports keeping them healthy and lengthening their life.

Inspect all different kinds of wrench wrenches after every use as it can prevent further damage. A well-designed preventive maintenance programme improves wrench tool performance and lowers unplanned downtime, saving time and money.

The most significant benefit of maintaining your wrench is improved productivity. You should regularly clean, lubricate, examine, sharp, and store your tools so that they operate well and last a long time.


All of the above-mentioned tools may not be required to you in your daily life. Understanding which wrench is perfect for each task is the critical objective here. The information above will definitely be useful and helpful if you work in the automotive industry or are a versatile technician. We offer the reliable, high-quality wrenches you require at wholesale pricing. If you need assistance finding the right tools, get in touch with us.

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